• Chest guard for kick boxing training purposes Made of Lycra high density eva foam and machine molded jumbo foam Great for defense training.
    • COMFORTABLE: Ergonomically designed, the chest protector contours to the body to allow an excellent range of motion and eliminate bunching while in a crouched position, so umps can make calls while unrestricted by their gear.
    • LASTING FRESHNESS: A Bio-Fresh treatment provides an extra level of freshness preservation.
    • MOISTURE-WICKING: DRY-GEAR moisture-wicking mesh covers the cushioned liner to keep umpires dry and comfortable during games in hot weather.
    • COLOR OPTIONS: Comes in best color high quality breathable chest guard.
    • DETACHABLE EXTENSIONS: Includes detachable tail and shoulder extensions, allowing catchers to customize their gear to fit their play style.
    • The abrasion-resistant braided nylon binding maintains its strength and maximizes player comfort keeping the clips strong and long-lasting.
    • ┬áSlip the chest protector off and on easily with its adjustable, elastic back harness.
    • DURABLE: Compression-molded chest protector absorbs energy and reduces the
      amount transferred from impacts.
    • Maximum body shot protection for the chest.


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